Next steps

You've conducted your social change interviews but what next? See how you can take the next step in your project.

After conducting your user observation and research what are the possible next steps?

Map your users' experience

Take a note out of the Service Design communities book and use a number of techniques to map the experience your users' are having. Begin with an Empathy Map or flesh this out into an Experience Map. If your service or product already exists a Journey map may help.

Use the Google search techniques you learnt earlier in this course to find out more about the mapping techniques.

If you do choose to create a map, be sure to use the in actionable ways. The aim is not to create a pretty map but to find opportunities for improvement. Circle areas on the maps where your users' experience frustration and use the How might we question technique to turn these into opportunities.


Brainstorm ways you could address the How might we opportunities your research has uncovered. Filter through your ideas to uncover which will make the biggest difference to your users. Filter further by uncovering which of these ideas you are best placed to execute on.


Test the core of the idea you have settled on with some test users. You could test your marketing through a landing page, your product through a paper prototype, your digital product using online prototyping tools or core elements of your service by sharing written materials with test participants.


Set a date in your diary to pilot your service with your users. This may be a scaled down version of your big aim but, whatever you do, get something out there.

Build on your learning

Continue to learn and improve your offering. Every now and then, revisit and update your Table of Understanding. How could you make your service or product experience even better?

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