Ex 8. Interview role-play

Practice interviewing with a neutral partner to feel at ease before going out in the field to conduct social change user interviews.

Try out the interview on a neutral party. They will need to play the role of the interviewee even though they may have absolutely no idea of how to answer the questions you are asking.

As the interviewer

  • Do your best to avoid explaining or pitching your product or service.

  • Try not to justify anything.

  • If you don't agree with a statement the interviewee says, don't argue the point – you are listening to enliset actionable insights not to win a debate.

On the last point, I once interviewed an extremely successful CEO about inclusion within his organisation. The interview went incredibly badly as I took issue with a statement he had made and we spent the entire time going back and forth trying to prove that we were both right. I used up my time and missed out on the incredible insights I may have elicited from his extensive experience. Learn from my mistake.

As the interviewee

  • Do you understand the questions they are asking?

  • Are they talking too much?

  • Did they try to influence your answers in any way?

After role-playing the interview, the interviewee should provide some feedback to help the interviewer improve their guide.

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