In the field

Get out in the field and observe the experience your perspective service users have using alternative services & products. Learn how you can build a better social change experience.

For existing services

If your service already exists, take the time to observe your users from a distance. Don't disturb them or ask them questions. Just sit, observe and take notes.

It might be tempting to discount this exercise because you work at the service and feel you observe your users all the time. During this exercise I'm asking you to book time out in your diary just for observation. Try to do this with a clear mind. No conclusions or improvements need to come from this exercise. It's just about developing deeper understanding and empathy for your users.

For existing products

If your product already exists consider running a userbility test – observing your users using your product. This can be applied to a host of products, not just digital ones. Here's Steve Krug explaining how to run userbility tests:

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